Irish Times Reports Monday September 3rd 2018 

" Irish honey among world’s healthiest, study finds"


The Leinster Honey Wildlife

Sanctuary Story

Passionate about Wildlife the Environment, and Beekeeping. 

Beekeeping over the years has become a small, and now full time, growing business based on the premise of producing Pure Raw Irish Honey  and natural hive related products.


Also of paramount importance to us is the welfare of our bees and on the enhancement of the environment and protection of our native Irish wildlife.

At the end of 2017 we purchased the 17.5 acre future Leinster Honey Wildlife Sanctuary .This borders the meandering Redcross river and is set in the beautiful pristine rolling countryside of Co.Wicklow. It will be managed 100% organically and planted for pollinators and wildlife of all sorts. A much needed refuge for our under threat native wildlife.


Follow its development which documented here online, and see it change over the course of time, from fields of grass to a blossoming dedicated Honey Farm & Wildlife Sanctuary. Maintaining still apiaries in some wonderful Dublin locations, such as the beautiful 37 acre Airfield Estate Farm, as well of course as various other local locations, such as Stillorgan and Goatstown & Ballymoney Co.Wexford. 


Hopefully you will follow our story with regular updates planned, and you will get the chance to sample some ethically produced, and

Wonderfully Pure and Natural Produce of the Hives from these Apiaries.


Thank You & Very Warmest Wishes from


Leinster Honey Wildlife Sanctuary


Brian O'Toole & Gilly Taylor

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