About Us ...

We are devoted to protecting and enhancing Irish Biodiversity and a

local producer of sustainable premium Raw Irish Honey, and associated hive products .


Myself I grew up in Dublin, living and working abroad in England and Australia for a number of years. I was involved in the construction industry for 30 years before this sudden career change. My wife had a long and successful career also in the corporate sector.


We both decided, now two years ago, to focus on the environment, health and general well being 


My wonderful wife who is a qualified Nutrition and Fitness Coach has a growing business Taylored Nutrition setup in conjunction with our Beekeeping and Wildlife Sanctuary project. She is a true professional whose clients, without exception, have enjoyed their often life changing sessions, bringing fitness and healthier eating into their busy lives. 


Always having a fascination for nature and wildlife, I grew up effectively in the countryside surrounded by fields and forest. As a kid I kept an array of animals ranging from a stranded Bat to an injured Badger, and many many more unusual creatures in between over the years.


I became very interested in Beekeeping a number of years ago,


At the start, after going through a beginners course and getting my first hive. I learnt the hard way after many, many... many early mistakes, and plenty of stings and swarms lost. I began to understand better the complex past time that is Beekeeping.


After extensive "Hands On" experience, learning from others, visiting larger commercial setups abroad, much reading and a number of years Beekeeping. I slowly began to understand better the intricate workings of the hive, and get a feel for how to manage multiple colonies of Bees .


It is now an all consuming passion, complex and stressful at times, but hugely rewarding also (not necessarily financially !), and always fascinating !.


I am growing the enterprise year on year and it currently stands at over 60 hives, with plans to develop other areas of the project.

Having just purchased in late 2017, the new 17.5 acre

Leinster Honey Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary, in beautiful  Co. Wicklow. Hopefully you will follow my progress to see how it develops into an organically managed wildlife sanctuary and apiary site, whilst still maintaining my Dublin apiaries also. With regular updates planned in the Blog section and on Social media platforms.  

Though the core principles of this project will always be the


  • Enhancement of the environment

  • Conservation of our native flora and fauna

  • Welfare of my colonies of Bees and all wild pollinators.


And as a consequence of the above, the production of

Real Raw Irish Honey, in its purest natural form, for all that want to enjoy.

Thanks for checking out our Site and Very Best Wishes ! 


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