The All Ireland Pollinator Plan

What a fantastic initiative !. Am thrilled to be involved with it and determined to help promote it and work to comply with all its recommendations.


The plan is to encourage landowners and managers such as Councils, Farmers and Businesses to manage their land actively to help reverse the decline in our native wild pollinators.


With one third or our 99 wild pollinators under threat of extinction this is now an urgent task we cannot afford to fail to deliver on.

How can we stand by and lose such stunningly beautiful and vital insects. Scroll down to see some of the pictures I have taken over the last couple of seasons . Only a few of the stunning, intriguing and valuable native Pollinators we have living amongst us.

The good news is we can reverse this decline by actively taking steps to plant suitable flowering plants to provide food and habitat for these pollinators. Also to cut out, or at least drastically reduce the application of Pesticides, Herbicides and Fungicides. All proven, especially when used in conjunction with each other, to have a hugely damaging effect on these Poliinators the environment, our own species included !.


So Please, Please ... Pretty Please ! Take some active steps, even small ones , to help out. See here for some ideas on what you could plant to help the wondrous little critters.


After all wouldn't the world, and our beautiful little island of Ireland be a much poorer place with out the likes of these beautiful little pollinators buzzing and flitting amongst us ??



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