Speciality Plants for Bees.

I will form time to time offer for sale plants I have raised that I know to be especially beneficial for Honeybees and just as importantly, other Wild Pollinators.

These can be purchased only, for logistical reasons, in conjunction with an order for Honey from the Shop.

Such offerings currently are


Aster x frikartii ‘Mönch’  ( This exact variety for sale , cuttings taken from this plant  pictured here, so plants bought will flower exactly like this,  picture taken  in my garden 20.10.2018 . Limited  quantity in stock , available from end of March , purchase early to avoid disappointment ).



Described as "One of the finest hybrids ever raised".

Given correct care it will flower in its first year if planted Spring/early summer. It spreads readily and in a couple of years will form a impressive clump/stand.

Clear lavender blue flowers borne on strong freely branching stems from September-October. Given the space this spreads readily to form beautiful stands of lavender blooms with a yellow center for several weeks in late summer. Height 3 feet


Plants already rooted and growing supplied in a recycled 10 centimeter diameter pot approximately.

Plants have been raised from root cuttings and have not been treated with any chemicals of any sort unlike many plants raised and sold through gardencentres.


Growing Conditions preferred

  • Prefer full sun or partial shade position

  • Needs well drained soil, especially important if they are to survive and overwinter well. if your soil is heavy clay you can improve it with the addition of grit and lots of well rotted organic matter before planting.

  • They are perennials so will die back to ground level in winter  and grow back year after year.

  • They are deciduous, and lose all their leaves in winter and the stems will die back to the ground.


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