In House & Off site Workshops tailored exclusively for

your team .                                                                                                                    

Leinster Honey also can offer a suite of tailored packages to corporate customers, designed around professional, informative on or off site presentations and interactive workshops for your staff.

I have experience and a proven track history in relation to hosting such presentations and workshops with many well known large companies such as

  • Airfield Estate

  • Agri Aware

  • Dublin Zoo

  • Hey Honey Ireland

  • Savour Food Festival Kilkenny

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These workshops can be structured around the specific requirements of the your staff and typically will include an informative talk and engaging power point presentation to include, as seen on the website here, many of my own high quality images.

From Spring to Autumn there is also the option of having a secure sealed Observation Hive brought onto site or visiting the Airfield Apiary off site as detailed below. This Observation Hive is a fully functioning live colony of Bees with a glass front allowing all to see the inner workings of the Hive from the Workers to the Queen and stored Honey and Pollen. This always proves a huge hit with attendees, as they get an unique and exciting insight into a working colony of honeybees from the comfort of their own offices.

Or if the off site workshop option is chosen, it can be hosted in the stunning nearby Airfield estate inclusive of a lunch in the wonderful Overends Restaurant and a visit to the Airfield Apiary, suitably Suited and Booted as the photo adjoining, to examine a full working hive.


Without exception always an exciting and unique experience for all !


As part of these two options I would cover an array of relevant and stimulating topics such as

  • Managing a colony of honeybees throughout the season

  • Producing and extracting a crop of Honey

  • Tasting for all of different Honeys produced, Heather, Spring Summer & Ivy

  • How to get started in Beekeeping.

  • Wild Pollinators in Ireland

  • Planting to help Pollinators & Wildlife

You will find this without doubt to be an engaging and memorable day for your staff, something different from the run of the mill corporate offerings out there.


An experience they will value and excuse the awful pun, but, a day that will create a real buzz among your staff ! 



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