Here in Ireland, (as recently proven using genetic testing and featured in the media) we are extremely lucky to have a Native Irish pure form of the Dark European Honey Bee Apis melifera melifera.


It was believed for decades that like in other European countries, that here our native Irish Honeybee was extinct. Having died off during previous outbreaks of diseases related specifically to bees and then due to the importation of different varieties of Honeybees from across Europe into Ireland.


So what a great bit of news to get recently to hear it is alive and well here in Ireland and doing reasnobly well.


Unlike in tother countries across Europe.  


So additional to generally protecting our Bees, we have something to treasure in this rare pure strain of the European Dark Honeybee native to Northern europe.


This bee, unlike its European cousins is slightly hairier, smaller and darker in coloration.


It is better equipped to deal with our short Spring and Summer season of flowering, flies in colder temperatures and is more frugal with its winter Honey stores, than its fair weathered cousins.


In other words its a tough little Fecker !    

Native Irish Honey Bee

Apis Melifera Melifera

Female Worker Bee
Female Queen Bee
Male Drone Bee

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