Ivy Honey

Another unique Monofloral Honey produced by our wonderful native Irish Honeybee. 


Ivy Honey is produced as the final crop of the year, the pungent Ivy plant bursting into its understated green tinted flowers during October and even lasting into November.

These flowers providing copious amounts of Pollen and Nectar, and are thus a hugely important late forage plant, for all our pollinators, allowing our bees a late chance to stock up on stores before finally slowing up during the dark cold winter months ahead.

The honey itself is quite strong in taste, and soon after the bees store it in the comb it crystallizes. They also will draw out new pristine white wax on a good nectar flow during the Ivy flowering period if the weather is suitable.


The only way to extract this crystallized Ivy honey is to carefully and slowly melt the honey and wax making sure not to overheat it and damage the delicate balance of enzymes as added by the Bee's, coarsely strain it and jar it. Like a lot of good things in life it is an acquired taste, one I like, and it is much lauded as a strongly medicinal natural product.

To date only having harvested Ivy Honey on a small scale, if conditions are conducive to a good crop in 2018 I will harvest some and offer for sale. it is worth seeking out so watch this space !.  




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