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Purchased (End 2017) this is a 18 Acre dedicated Wildlife Sanctuary.

It consists of four large fields with hedgerow boundary's and the beautiful pristine Redcross river, which forms the boundary to the long side of three of the fields.

The plan is to over time develop this as a haven for all Wildlife and all manner of Pollinators.


This is not just about Honeybees.


Far from it, whilst that is the business end, and a passion, equally and actually more so is my passion to encourage and protect our dwindling and much persecuted native wildlife.

It is all over the media at the moment and to be honest, quite distressing, to see the decimation of our wildlife all around us, and the general lack of awareness and connection to our bio diversity.


This is just one of the many many recent dire headlines and reports reflecting this serious situation


                   "The Irish Times

  90% of Ireland's protected habitats in 'bad condition' " 


The primary focus on this land is very firmly on managing every acre organically to accommodate all forms of native wildlife, from Bats to Birds and Frogs to Foxes, with everything in between.


To achieve this it will need a lot of work, already underway, carefully clearing out overgrown smothered hedgerows where in parts wonderful old Hawthorn Trees are smothered in Ivy (I realize the benefit of Ivy and encourage it in places) and clearing ditches (again carefully and only as needed as they are a rich habitat for all manner of wildlife in their own right).


It is a"work in progress", being planted with mostly native wildlife friendly plants (and carefully selected non natives in parts, to provide vital early/late forage for all our beleaguered pollinators).


With all sorts of wildlife enhancing initiatives listed for imminent implementation, from large Wildlife Ponds, to Bird & Bat Nest Boxes, to planting of native trees, newly laid wildlife focused hedgerow, a large orchard featuring heritage apple and other fruit varieties,  a raised earth section for Badgers/Foxes and much much more. 

Follow its progress month by month from the very start to see it develop and see and read accounts of the varied wildlife that will hopefully make it home (see below).


With of course an area dedicated as an Apiary for producing wonderful Raw Local Irish Honey and other Pure Hive products

I will also over time try and record and photograph the different resident and visiting wildlife. I will also detail the different wildlife projects undertaken to provide habitat for our beautiful threatened native wildlife.

Ultimately the goal is to build on the land a dedicated small Visitor Centre. The focus for visitors on seeing, experiencing and learning about native wildlife, incorporating guided walks around the Wildlife sanctuary and Beekeeping courses.


Wildlife Projects

Resident and Visiting Wildlife 

  • Insects

  • Animals

  • Plants

  • Fungi

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