Really Thrilled to be Shortlisted (last 6) "Working Together for Biodiversity Award "

The Together for Biodiversity Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the work being carried out by individuals,communities and businesses across Ireland to protect our natural environment.

I am thrilled to be involved in this initiative through various initiatives including The All Ireland Pollinator Plan, and numerous initiatives of my own, Wildlife Pond, Bat & Bird Boxes, No Pesticides/herbicides/Fungicides and much much much more.

The final shake up is to be decided this week and the The Together for Biodiversity Awards which are part of the National Biodiversity Conference, takes place at Dublin Castle on 20th and 21st February 2019.


The award winner will be announced at the National Biodiversity Conference.

Regardless of Awards or not... and lets face it.. we all like to get a Rosette ! :-) . I will be ploughing ( not literally ) ahead with as many Wildlife initiatives as I can manage over the coming months. Thanks for reading and Take care :-)


What a great initiative !

The All Ireland Pollinator Plan

Applied and got certification of inclusion in this fantastic plan to help our under threat Wild Pollinators. It is focused around encouraging Buisness, Land owners and Councils to actively manage their lands for pollinators. Brilliant ! Am a convert (was anyway) and cannot wait until Spring 2019 to see the first flush of flowers and the return of the Bees and other pollinators.

Intro to the fascinating World of Bees, Pollinators and Honey, at the fantastic Savour Food Festival, Kilkenny

Are you interested in keeping bees and producing your own honey, but don’t know where to start? Join beekeeper Brian O’Toole from Leinster Honey for an introduction to the buzzing world of bees. Brian will teach you all about industrious bees and the substances - other than honey – you can harvest; what is required to get started in beekeeping; how to examine the hive; and how to hone your honey skills. Learn about the wonderful workings of the Hive, reconnect with nature, forget the stresses of life and ‘bee’ mindful…


  • About The Honeybee

  • Bees in Ireland

  • How to manage a Hive

  • How to get Started, Equipment and Costs

  • Honey Harvest and other Hive Produce

  • Planting for Bees


Brian O’Toole is a well-known Beekeeper based in South Dublin and Co. Wicklow.

He is the proprietor of Leinster Honey Farm and Wildlife Sanctuary, a 17.5-acre holding of land bordering the beautiful Redcross river in Co. Wicklow.

He currently manages over 50 Colonies of Bees and has them sited in various locations around Dublin, Wicklow and Wexford. He is the Beekeeper on the beautiful Airfield Estate, Dundrum, where he runs regular beekeeping courses. Airfield Estate is a full working farm minutes from Dundrum Town centre.

Brian’s ethos is the production of honey in its raw and natural state, unprocessed, and on the welfare of the bees he manages. His premium product, Leinster Honey, is beautifully presented and represented online with an engaging website, which is regularly updated with stunning images and educational content. His Wildlife Sanctuary is managed organically, with a programme of planting native trees and shrubs in order to enhance of the land as a refuge for all native wildlife.

em about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Thrilled to announce in conjunction with Airfield estate in Dundrum, a 37 acre working Farm, 2 day Introductory beekeeping course. See inside a live colony of bees and learn in depth what is required to get started.... and enjoy a cuppa and a stroll through the Walled Garden and estate.... What better way to reconnect with Nature and enjoy a Weekend. For you or a perfect Pressie for a loved one ! 

**** Dates just announced and Booking available now. Book early to avoid disappointment as if as last year all dates get booked up quickly ! **** 

Getting farmland buzzing again Actions to help pollinators’ Guidelines Launched

Important advisory document. Great to see an initiative to help our farming Community, giving vital information on how to help our beleagu

ered Pollinators !

Are you interested in keeping bees and having your own honey, but don’t know where to start? Join local beekeeper Brian O’Toole from Leinster Honey for an introduction to the fascinating world of bees.


Date: Saturday 1st April 2017
Time: 10am – 1pm
Price: €30 per adult
Members Price: €27 per member adult.

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