Here I will document, says he sounding very officious !  the Flowers, Shrubs and Trees that I am planting on the land always with the focus on providing food and habitat for Pollinators and other nativeWildlife.

As something often that is often overlooked is the fact that introducing a large number of Beehives onto land (whilst resulting in better pollination and thus fruit and seed set for native plants, which of course benefits wildlife) does create competition among the introduced honeybees and existing native wild pollinators. This must be factored in and catered for.

One of the reasons for extensive planting of plants that will flower profusely is to combat this, there will be so much high quality flowering plants planted that there will be an abundance of nectar and Pollen available for all local native and managed pollinators.


 During 2017. Planted on the 17.5 Acres

50    Oak Trees Quercus Petrae (Native)

100  Hawthorn Trees Cratageus Monogyna (Native)

3      Horse Chestnut  (Non Native)

3      Mexican bean Tree Catalpa Bigionoides (Non Native)

2      Sycamore  (Non Native)

4      Field Maple Acer campestre

50    Wild Cherry Prunus Avium  (Native)

50     Bird Cherry  Prunus Padus (Native)

3       Gum Nyssa Sylvatica  (Non Native)

50     Hazel Coylus avellana

50     Mountain Ash Sorbus Accuparia

4       Sea Buckthorn Hippophae rhammoides

4       Ornamental (single flowered) Cherry Prunus Tai Haku

5       Lilac yringa Vulgaris

3       Scots Pine Pinus Sylvestris

5       Lime Tillia Platyphos

10     Spindle Euonymous europaeus

20     Echium pininana

2       Aralia spinosa

20     Assorted Apple, Cherry and Plum Trees

1       Morus niger Mulberry Tree

1       Walnut Tree

1       Tetradiun danielli

1       Camelia

1       Sarrocca confusa


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