Wildlife Focused Hedgerow Planting.

Isn't it amazing the different things that excite people.


For me this was something I had been looking forward to for quite a while.


Planting new hedgerow with a special mixture of mostly native, specific plants that will provide abundant food for bees , vital habitat for all manner of wildlife and then later in the autumn, fruit and berries for hungry wildlife.

I find it quite depressing and even upsetting, to see the regular posts on social media showing the disgraceful destruction of old hedgerow in different parts of the country as agriculture intensifies.  So this gives me added motivation to do the little bit I can to plant as much new hedgerow as possible. It is vital for our under threat wildlife.

I look forward so much to seeing it mature and flower and bear fruit and see it alive with insects and wildlife in the coming seasons.


Now isn't that something to look forward to ! 

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