Raw Local Dublin Summer 2018 Honey.

Unheated above natural Hive temperatures,and Untreated.

Straight from the Hive to the jar.

Coarsely Filtered left with all the Natural Enzymes and Pollen as added by the Bees intact.

Beautifull Local Raw Dublin Honey

** Please note I can only deliver within Dublin.

Minimum Order value € 100.00 . Collection not available. I

If this does not suit please contact me for current list of "Stockists where can be purchased... Thank You :-) **


Raw Local Dublin Summer Honey 2018 ( Stillorgan )

  • A Beautiful Local Raw Dublin Multifloral Summer Honey from my Stillorgan Apiary.

    Straight from the Hive into jars and sealed.

    No Over Processing. Not heated above natural Hive temperatures and no heavy filtering, as majority of Supermarket Run Honeys are. 

    This is a completely different product. Bursting with flavour and containing Pollen and Enzymes as added by the Bees, normally removed through processing in supermarket honeys.

    This is the Real Deal !!

    Raw Local Irish Honey straight from the Hive to You !.....

    Enjoy and Savour :-) Beautifull Dublin Raw Honey

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