Our Native Pollinators

When people think of our native pollinators and particularly our native bee species, generally they think only of our Bumblebees and our Honeybees. 


In relation to our Bee species, we have 101 different species of Bees here in Ireland.


Approximately one third are under serious threat... But.... on a positive note there is something you can do to help.


Please read on to understand a bit more about these vital and fascinating Insects, and to see what you can do to actually make a difference to their decline in numbers.


A great phrase comes to mind, watching Coronation street with my Mum as a kid reminds me of what that hillarious guy Reg Holdsworth used to say 

" Knowledge is Power Mr.Watts... Knowledge is Power "

Click on each link below to find out more about about each of these fascinating creatures.

So important for the environment and for us in relation to the service they provide in pollination of so many

staples of of our diet.


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